PREMIERE : Deejay Astral – Say Yes [Axe on Wax]

PNP 001

London label Axe On Wax (soundcloud) has achieved quite a fair bit since its 2014 inception. Between itself and its ‘grittier’ sub-label Axe Traxx, they’ve clocked in a combined 11 releases consisting of works by proper staples in the scene — Chaos In The CBD, Glenn Underground, and Mall Grab, just to touch on a few. Now, they’re back with yet another sub-label — a hip, trendy and super fun younger sibling of the Axe imprints, with PNP 001 as their first offering.

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PNP 001 compiles together re-edits of classic tunes, a task London local Deejay Astral (fka Palace) is certainly not unfamiliar with. His B1 ‘Say Yes’ opens with a muffled, mumbling take of the spoken-word intro to Floetry’s 2003 hit single. Astral’s play with filters lends the up-pitched neo-soul vocals an even more seductive flair. The rework’s feature of sensual jazzy keys and hints of a trip-hop groove may highlight the RnB original’s dreamy bedroom vibes, but the addition of popping kicks and crunchy raw percussion really repurposes the track into a serious dance-floor heater, all without any overstatement. Deejay Astral sure knows how to please.

Sporting a touch of lo-fi, a healthy dose of disco and a whole lotta oomph, the rest of the tracks do not disappoint. It’s no wonder PNP 001 already has the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Baltra and Banoffee Pies on board with early support. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for the release!