D. Dan – Escape From The Echo Chamber [Lobster Theremin]

LT065 - D.Dan - A SIDETechno demon ​D.Dan​ kicks off 2020 with​ big dystopian energy. R​aw grooves, slippery psychedelia, and slammin’ energy. Following a series of adored releases from D.Dan, Mutant Future EP is a dynamic release that exceeds expectations.

Warped machine paranoia, ​‘Switchblade (Descendant Mix)​’ is an unforgiving opener, while Frantic ​‘Mutant Future’ is a steely trip through D.Dan’s dystopian time tunnel – an absolute weapon! ‘Burnout’ is a high octane, electro punisher for the true techno lovers. On the flip, ‘Escape The Echo Chamber’ is a fun affair – distorted keys to spiral out to – big tip for the wee hours! ‘Take It Easy’ nods to UK sounds and kickin 4/4 beat. Closing track, ‘Sun Over I-5 South’ is stripped back dynamic, techy groover, perfect for the twilight zone spinners with a CPH sound.

Pre-order now on Bandcamp.