Cyclonix – Butterfly Effect [Percebes Música]

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John “Cyclonix” Wilcox is the original raver, the sort of person who knows the roots of his music inside out. He can craft an electronic music sculpture that echoes both the classic dance sound of the UK (bass heavy, chord based, break sampling and crisp), and the purest Chicago and Detroit house and techno influences. Some of the highlights on his career include releasing on cult labels like Tusk Wax, Smuggler’s Inn, Bristol’s Boogie Café and Phuture Shock Musik or contemporary dance floor soul staple Broadcite among other highly recommended projects.“Efeito Borboleta” is his take on the Percebes sound and it features three incredible originals and a home-made remix by girl of the moment Sheri Vari.

Our premiere today is “Butterfly Effect”: a deep stomper that could well have been released on Underground Quality or Sistrum. It is space and emotion, bubbling with jungle breaks and 909 power, channeled through the medium of deep, touching house music.

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