PREMIERE : Cromby – Running [Tenderpark]

Berlin vinyl label Tenderpark has been releasing quality house music since 2010. Their latest release from Chris McCormick, aka Cromby (soundcloud), is an exceptional project showcasing deeply hypnotic, old-school flavored deep house jams from a producer who is clearly expanding on and perfecting his already polished sound. Cromby is an Irish DJ residing in Berlin who cut his teeth with a 5 year residency at Belfast’s legendary Shine and who now, having relocated to Berlin, has performed at the likes of Panorama Bar, The Warehouse Project, and Boiler Room.

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“Running,” the A2 from Tenderpark 021, starts beautifully with a heavy subbed out kick and glistening keyboard flourish reminiscent of golden era jazzy New York hip-hop. What follows is a driving bassline that turns an otherwise chill track to a deep house monster, a track that would surely put hands in the air during a prime time set or at a smoky after-hours. Wobbly, ethereal pads glue it all together, and a slow released and increasingly loud poly-synth stab pull the listener into each section of the arrangement before quietly disappearing while the track continues to breathe. Running is that perfect kind of transitional track that DJs use to move a crowd onto another wavelength without sacrificing the energy level from the previous songs that might have been brighter, heavier, or generally what most would consider peak hour tracks.

Cromby’s first Tenderpark EP gathered international intention from a number of quality DJs, and even led to a Feel my Bicep blog feature. From what we’ve been told, more solo material and an exciting collaboration with Swoose are on their way. Keep an eye on this kid because he’s not showing any signs of slowing down.