COHN – Worthy of the Weather [Mister T Records]

COHN‘s latest EP, “Wine and Reason,” delves into the enigmatic realm of Cosmic House, halfway between indie dark disco and Balearic house. This EP weaves a narrative of nostalgia and pulsating energy resulting in a cathartic blend of dancefloor killers. All the 3 tracks are a deep dive into 80s-inspired sounds, intricate percussion, and a seamless fusion of electronic elements perfected by COHN’s unique touch.

Wine and Reason opens with La Salita, probably the most DJ-friendly tracks of the EP with its heavy load of groovy percussion. The M1 synths and percussion-heavy composition harken back to the ’80s era, while a darker bassline adds a clubby and almost Italo House atmosphere. This newbeat-ish bass really makes the identity of the track which serves as an invigorating introduction to the rest of the EP..

The 2nd track “For Reason,” sounds like a sonic time capsule that transports listeners back to the vibrant era of early electronic music. COHN used his skills to create a masterful blend of classic sounds and contemporary production techniques. The throbbing basslines, combined with ethereal synths, create a dancefloor-ready bomb that resonates with both balearic enthusiasts and darker indie dance aficionados.

Closing the EP is “Worthy of the Weather,” a track that showcases COHN’s versatility in electronic music. This house-infused gem combines woodwind melodies with pulsating synths, resulting in a composition that almost touches progressive house and early trance sonorities. The track’s fusion of elements creates a cathartic experience, perfect for those late-night moments in intimate club atmospheres.

Wine and Reason resonates as a testament to COHN’s production dexterity, proving that the artist can traverse the multiple sonic landscapes of House music, between nostalgic balearic vibes to darker club bangers. This perfect mix made the EP a logical fit for Mister T.’s 9th release, as a continuation of their exploration of leftfield 90s influences into club music. As a whole, the EP encapsulates the mystique of the night into a cathartic explosion of unleashed creativity to efficiently lit the dancefloors.


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