Clifford Brown & Jean Bassa Ft. Ella Mae Sueref – Que Sena [Banoffee Pies]

According to Wikipedia, a banoffee pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, toffee, cream and biscuits. This pie, consisting of fruits and condensed milk, is a portmanteau of toffee and banana. A delicious, fruity dessert, best served chilled. The boys recently embarked on a tour of Australia and to their amusement find people often have no idea what a banoffee pie even is. In a world of serious labels and serious music the the label wanted something playful and fun. Ell and Sandy, label owners have given numerous definitions and anecdotes as to why they named their label after a dessert. But truth be known, it is not that deep.

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Banoffee Pies has forged a delicious back catalogue of treats, ranging from Romanian minimal on their Black Label series to hip hop on their Beats tapes series. The recipe for their continuing success is ‘collaboration’ and the duo often work with friends, bringing a number of producer pals together on their limited series and bridging artists on projects such as Clifford Brown and Jeen Bassa’s forthcoming LP with Ella Mae, a collaborator on the beat tape who was brought on board for this project to reignite a previously instrumental only piece to a full album with vocals. Recorded on karaoke microphones and arranged on Garageband, the record has shades of Erykah Badu in Brazil fusing R’n’B, Latin, and Soul grooves.