Cassettes For Kids – You’re Leaving But I’ll Still Love You [Honey Butter Records]

For those keeping watch, Melbourne-based producer Cassettes for Kids has steadily been making a name for himself in the underground house scene the past couple of years. Having already released records on labels such as Feedasoul, Moment Cinetique, and Haws, the young artist has decided to make his debut on Swedish imprint Honey Butter Records with a new 4-track EP!

Titled Rest/Relief, this record exemplifies the ethos of the Cassettes for Kids project itself – which often sees the DJ combining unadulterated house with soulful bits and rhythms that make his sound both accessible and remarkably lethal on the dancefloor. Take the lead track for instance. From the jump, Cassettes for Kids sets the tone with a hard-hitting assortment of hi-hats and breaks. However, to make the intensity slightly more palatable, he masterfully loops in a soothing array of R&B vocals and jazz-laden melodies to balance things out. This gives his listeners something to hold onto while their bodies become overwhelmed with the insatiable urge to groove. In ‘Growing Frustration,’ Cassettes for Kids continues to show that he’s quite talented at performing this sort of balancing act. Throughout the piece, the producer chooses to combine traditional elements of peak-time house with an angelic array of otherworldly synths that pierce the ears and manage to make a 130 bpm tune sound almost tranquil. Not an easy feat to say the least.

The B-side of Rest/Relief acts as a much-needed respite from the high-energy exuded in its first half. Leading the way is arguably our favorite tune from the EP ‘You’re Leaving But I’ll Still Love You.’ Here, we see a different side of Cassettes for Kids – one that is noticeably more sentimental and pop-oriented in its aesthetic. A true love song at the end of the day, there is a lot to like here. From it’s sullen, downtrodden synths that resemble the moans of someone with a broken heart, to the mesmerizing vocals in its chorus, ‘You’re Leaving But I’ll Still Love You’ is easily the catchiest tune we’ve heard from Cassettes for Kids yet and something repeat buttons were made for.

If this wasn’t enough, Finland’s finest Saine rounds out the record with his own rework of Cassettes’ tasty, original. Honestly, what more can one want from a release?

Rest/Relief is set to hit stores on September 18th. Use the link below to purchase.

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