Capofortuna – Rising Grace [Cognitiva Records]

cogniva records - capofortuna
Capofortuna is the moniker of three Italian producers that are bridging the gap between traditional Italian house and more modern, funk stylings. They are Davide Santandrea, better known as Rame, and the
brothers Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli. Their forthcoming EP “Rising Grace” on fellow Italian producer SofaTalk’s label, Cognitiva Records, is a solid appearance that raises both the label’s and their own stature amongst both the Italian and worldwide scenes. The release is a 4 track affair, of which one is a remix by fellow Italians Leo Mas & Fabrice.

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Today, we’re premiering the B1 and title track, Rising Grace. A bubbly bass and thick kick sit at the centre of the groove alongside a pattering hi-hat. Afro percussion joins the fold to really help turn it into a dancefloor smasher. Cosmic, jazzy pads lend a hypnotizing element while a deep and heavy synth compliments the bass. A very functional track with plenty of layers, Rising Grace is bound to light up more than a few dancefloors this summer. Don’t sleep on the rest of the EP as well that features Chicago influences and Italo stylings.The vinyl is limited to 110 copies so you’ll really need to keep on your toes for the July 15th release date via the label’s Bandcamp.