Canto Club – Hang On To 你的愛 (RFX Edit) [Fauve Records]

Canto Club - RFX Edit

From party people with shoulder pads, big hair, white Rolls-Royces, panama hats, the Fragrant Harbour that is Hong Kong had a very unique Hotel / Clubbing scene before places like DD’s, Canton Disco and Hot Gossip opened their doors. These Discotheques were a place of creativity, panache and mischief of the era. They were all destinations of desire.For this release and in celebration of the Chinese New Year, we have Hong Kong raised producer RFX on duty for 4 edits and guest producer Midnight Runners with a house heat edit for some Dim Sum Disco sessions to bring you back to a time where Hong Kong was getting down in clubs.

This Canto Club release will clearly not be the last one as years of digging will make Canto flourish to the world. Order now on Fauve’s Bandcamp.