Bunzinelli – Hyperloop [Cosmic Tones]

costic tones - montreal pleiade
Following their debut release of revulx’s self-titled EP, Montreal based label Cosmic Tones is set for its second release later this month. Montreal Pleiades is an EP long in the making, featuring tracks from six separate producers from across Canada’s underground scene. Ura-Dust, M Salaciak, Priori, Dust-E-1, Bunzinelli, and R Weng all feature on this collection of spacey, dubbed out tracks. While each track brings its own flavor to the table, each selection features the peculiar textures and sounds which define the Cosmic Tone aesthetic.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-bunzinelli-hyperloop” /]
Having designed the album artwork himself, Bunzinelli’s B2 track “Hyperloop” is easily one of the standouts. Jumping right into the almost jungle-acid bassline alongside an IDM breakbeat, the track thrusts itself forward with dreamy pads and an additional low end groove to accent the rhythm section. Each element occupies its own particular space, working with each other to keep a clean and clear mix. With everything else drenched in reverb and hollowed out, the drums cut through and punch above the rest. Minimal synth melodies delay and drift into the background as the beat continues to twist and shift with fills and breaks. It’s a heady workout for warming up the floor at the start of a long night.