Various Artists – Buffet Froid [Disques Flegon]

Disques Flegon

You’ve probably never heard of Disques Flegon, a brand new label from our French “distant cousin”. Established in 2015 in Paris, these 5 friends from the right bank (Greta, DJ Stalingrad, Max Mareau, Malohne & Cebrak 2000) produce and host radio shows. They’re also well acquainted with the nightclub scene, thanks to their eclectic sense for mixing.

“Buffet Froid”, their 1st release as a label and distributed by Chez Emile de Lyon, mixes up multiple influences to create an innovative release, trying to overstep the known boundaries of electronic music. Raw, groovy, cold, perfect in its imperfections :those are the characterizing elements of their 12’ inch. Opening (Face A) with Malohne’s “1er étage”, a dry, dreamy journey with a sour taste. French producer Greta then reveals his talents in a wonderful, emotional track “Kleber 24-36”. The melody is naturally flowing, and our heads are unwittingly banging to the sound of this meticulous piece of work.

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Face B starts with a messy tune, straight out of Malohne & Greta’s mind : “Gazon Maudit”. Psychotic but terrifically effective on crowds, this track will put the masses into a massive frenzy. To finish off, DJ Stalingrad holds the helm with a total breakbeat banger; “Cran d’arrêt” is the perfectly-cadenced outro for the dancer.

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As you may now understand, this Parisian crew has made a dramatic entrance on the Scene with this release. Abundant and great feedback is flourishing, from Jeremy Underground and Laurent Garnier to Mr. G.

We leave you with these final words for Mézigue (D.Ko Records), who described it well : ‘Chanmé A1 et B1 ça nique des daronnes surtout B1’. Save the date : their 1’ is out on February, 10 at, &