Bondi Bondi – Dinner 4-2 [SlothBoogie]

Some of our favorite compadres in the premiere game have to be the lads of SlothBoogie, Danny and Pat. Since their humble beginnings as a music channel, the two have branched out considerably the past few years; getting their hands involved in everything from promotion to running their own record label. In fact, the purpose of today’s post is to help them mark an important milestone in SlothBoogie history – the fifth installment of their ever-popular EDITZ series. Like previous releases, Danny and Pat have managed to secure a spectacular cast of talented producers for their compilation. The 4 track EP includes everyone from seasoned veterans like Carlo and Luvless to promising up and comers like Zak Degenhardt of Cassettes For Kids.

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Although the originals from those guys sound absolutely phenomenal, the one we chose to premiere today is actually a first for the group who rounds out the record – Bondi Bondi. Based out of Buenos Aires, this trio consists of notable DJs and producers Pabels, Signo, and Way. Much like the music they curate as individuals, the goal of the band seems to be 100% beach vibes with a strong emphasis on bringing classic disco and afro music to the forefront once again.

One of those tracks happens to be a Michael Cooper hit from 1987, which acts as the inspiration for their edit “Dinner 4-2.” Taking the ridiculously romantic original, Bondi Bondi have decided to create the ultimate DJ weapon for setting the mood by upping the song’s tempo and adding in a dancefloor assortment of bass, oceanfront ambiance, and groovy synth melodies.

If you like what you hear, make sure to grab your copy of SBEDITZ005 when it hits the shelves this Friday! You can pre-order it here!