Blended Bits ~ 002

blended bits 002


Thanks to our readers and followers, Bolting Bits has seen exciting growth over the past year. We’ve been trying to bring you more content than we have in the past and the first instalment of our Blended Bits series received tremendous support when we launched it a few months ago. Due to the increasing amount of content we’re bringing you lately and our natural expansion due to your support, our close-knit team of contributors has been steadily growing and now includes a world class list of artists, label heads and music aficionados.

One of the latest additions is Pegasvs, who has recorded the second mix in our ongoing series. As the label boss of newly minted Burnin Music Recordings (stay tuned for more info on their first release), you can expect a vibrant selection indicative of what’s to come for the label as well as a sound that we’re happy to call our own. Put on your dancing shoes because this one will have you grooving from start to finish!

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Tracklist online in few days!

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