Blended Bits ~ 001

blended bits 001- bolting bits

Bolting Bits is proud to present our new mix series: Blended Bits. Each session will be curated by a member of our close-knit team and showcase the diverse music tastes of our individual contributors while hopefully introducing the listeners to some new music in the process.

The first installment has been put together by our very own Erik Faulkner. Taking a more upbeat approach with some soulful jams sprinkled throughout, the mix includes tracks new and old from FYI Chris, Patrice Scott, M.ono, Roman Flügel and Mall Grab among others…

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01. Patrice Scott, “Excursions” (reprise)
02. Lectroluv, “Dream Drums” (Phob Drum Mix)
03. Stefan Ringer, “bossa grv”
04. FYI Chris, “Dedication”
05. Prequel, “Walken”
06. M.ONO, “Volle Schnauze”
07. Johnnick, “Smoke”
08. Grand High Priest, “Mary Mary”
09. Richard Sen, “Resistance Through Rituals” (Space Dub)
10. Derive, “Schicksalfhafte Begegnung”
11. Lectroluv feat. Joi Cardwell, “If We Try” (Ambient Vocal Mix)
12. Roman Fluegel, “Duck And Cover”
13. Fabio Monesi, “7 am” (Lucretio Remix)
14. Mall Grab, “Father”
15 .Abraxas, “I Gotta Believe Believe”
16. L. B. Bad, “I Was A Slave”
17. The It, “Living For The Man”
18. Pal Joey, “Rat Race”
19. Prince, “The Future” (Erik Faulkner & Daniel Ross Edit)
20. Children Of Planet Earth, “You Are The Future” (Guiro Dub)

Flyer by: Martin Côté