Blaise Balda – Twenty Disks [Where Were We?]

Blaise Balda
Following the success of the first two releases, Where Were We is back with the third one. This one is to commemorate the project’s third birthday this February. Frenchman, Rennes-based, Blaise Balda will be a completely new name for the most, but ardent diggers already know that he did one release on REES’ Paradiso Records a few months ago.

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Exploring and penetrating similar sonic avenues of it’s predecessor, “Data Dreams” EP will take you on a wavy, retrofuturistic journey. Harnessing the computative power of quantum machines, blast-passing through myriads of electronic boards and circuits, it will carry you to a neon-lit metropolis from the future. Rather uptempo beats, punchy kicks, warm and uplifting melodies will leave you wondering whether all this was real or just a dream from which you don’t wanna wake up.


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