Azole – Pulpa [Where Were We]

azole - pulpa www
After the success of the first four releases, Where Were We is back with a new one. This is yet again to commemorate WWW b-day and the fact that the project is turning 4 years old this February. Azole project hides 2 new and exciting fellas from Moscow. And their offering feels more like a complete album than just a regular EP.

Mr. Sutherland EP is an allusion to a famous Australian keyboard virtuoso with the same surname and even though keyboard solos might not be that lavish and jazzy when compared to their counterpart, they are definitely there and will take you for a dreamy ride in outer space.

Most of the track names in the album are organic and refer to the living world, so we hope that while listening to these compositions you will feel how intricately everything is interlinked not only here on planet Earth, but also in all vastness of the universe. Enjoy the trip!

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