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Eternal Love are a DJ duo based out of Milan. Experts in all things funk, disco, jazz and house – us at BB HQ have been keeping our eyes on these guys for a while. Their SoundCloud displays a plethora of mixes – including a residency at Rocket Radio – as well as a few party-ready edits they’ve done over the years.

Other than that though, there’s relatively little about these on the internet and something that gives us great pleasure here at BB HQ is shedding some light on the more underground acts. It’s rare when we host someone’s first ever interview – but when it does happen it’s always super special. We got to find out the story behind the duo for the first time in recorded internet history….here it is….


eternal loveHey guys, how’s it goin? What have you both been up to recently musically and non-musically?
Ciaoooo cavalli! First of all, thank you for having us on your amazing platform. Fortunately, we’ve been really busy recently. We’ve finally managed to get some gigs after the never-ending pandemic stopped, so the past few weeks were all about travelling from country to country and spinning music across Europe – exactly what we have been dreaming of doing for the past two and a half years. Plus, during the pandemic we also gotinto production a bit so we are also spending a lot of our time in the studio.

Tell us about the track selections you’ve made for us. What was the inspiration/idea behind the selections?
We’ve always been super into the deep selector/ nerdy scene, and it’s always stressful making mixes only with music no one knows about. I think the pandemic made us realise that – to semi-cite one of our all time favourites aka mr. Marcellus Pittman – our job is not about the rare and expensive records but about GOOD MUSIC. We think this idea is reflected in the whole mix which basically consists of a lot of the songs we played out over this past summer. We didn’t really care about how rare and obscure the tracks are. The mix reflects our need to start dancing again and hugging and kissing and vibing and all those stuffs we used to do before the lockdown.

How did you both get started in music? Did you always work together? Give us the back story.
Actually we haven’t known each other for ages. We got to know each other around 5 years ago. At the time we were both working on our own personal projects. Fede was more into the disco stuff and I (Edo) was really into weird Japanese jazz funk vibes. We were both following and listening to the music of the other and at some point we decided to meet. We had quite a lot of beers (as always) and a great tropical music session. At the time I was living in Maastricht (NL) and I invited Fede to play there. It was a magic night because we felt super connected through the music. Afterwards we started hanging out together more often and decided to start a YouTube channel to share some of the obscure jams we had collected over the years. Courtesy of the YouTube channel we started to get more attention from promoters who started to book us as a “duo” and here we are …co-writing an interview hahaha

What artists/genres do you draw inspiration from?
Ahh there are many DJs and artists in general from whom we take inspiration. Definitely all the DJs from the US scene. As we already said, Marcellus Pittman is a huge one for us. We’ve always said that if either of us ever gets married we have to book him! He’s amazing. He doesn’t give a shit and he could make anyone dance – even your grandma or your 16yo depressed cousin.

Could you share one of your favourite new musical discoveries over lockdown?

OriGeenal M

This YT channel full of rare g-funk & hip hop gems cuddled us a lot during first lockdown

Could you talk us through your DJ sets? What’s the vibe you go for? What are you both thinking about when you’re looking for the next track to play? How do you DJ cohesively as a duo?
DJing as a duo can be really difficult. Even though we have a super strong connection, it’s impossible to always be in the exact same mood and feel the dancefloor in the same way. However, when it does happen, it usually ends up being one of the best nights of our life. We have one super strict rule: Don’t touch or adjust the mixing while the other is changing the song. Following this rule saves us from many arguments.

How do you organise your music for gigs?
Usually we meet before the weekend and we talkabout the parties we’re gonna play, trying to imagine what it’s gonna be like and what kind of vibe we wanna bring. We show each other a couple of new songs and then we start ripping the records (we are too poor to have the luxury of checked-in luggage). Then we have two different usbs or record bags and we go with the flowwww. Most of the time we end up playing completely different stuff to what we originally planned but I guess that’s the best part of DJing…

What’s one track you’re dying to play out at a gig?

Other than music, what else are you both into? Do you have jobs/hobbies?
Apart from music, unfortunately, we both have day jobs to pay the bills. We hope that after this interview we’ll become super famous and will be able to ask 5k for a DJ set – then we could quit our jobs. As you can see from our bellies we also really love to eat (of course only “regional food”, as our tech rider states) and drink: In particular expensive champagne like Krug, Dom Perignon and those kind of juices to be opened “sciabolando” obviously. In regards to hobbies, Edo will never admit to it but he is a huge football fan and very bad tennis player. I (Fede) am a trash tv program addict and I love cooking.

Any underrated talent out there you think you should mention? Or anyone else who deserves a shoutout?
Ushhh so many people to shout out. There are so many good talents out there. GHF for example, a crazy French producer duo (we love you Pierre) who also provided us with some of the music in this mix! Also, thinking about the Milan scene, we are big fan boyz of our brother Gabriele (Sunny Cript) with whom we share not only our anxiety and life struggles but also a lot of amazing records. Ferrari is also one to keep an eye on in regards to his productions: he is always cooking up amazing music and we are both sure he’s gonna rock soon on some big labels. Moving on to the already established ones, we cannot avoid mentioning our habibi Dar Disku (with whom we are working on a crazy collaboration – more info soooooon) and Alia (we are big big fanssss of her) who we met in Puglia this summer and we hope to meet again soon. Last but not least, our Australian dad and boss of Planet Trip, Mike Who, who (hahaha) is not only one of our favorite djs out there but has also been our first supporter since day one. Grazie Mike we love you xxxxxxx

Finally, what’s next for Eternal Love!?
Talking about Mike, Planet Trip and our future plans… you should definitely put the release of our first EP on Planet Trip in your calendars, scheduled for February. We also have another track going out on a VA, compiled by us on the Polifonic Label which is gonna be released in the first part of next year and is gonna be sickkkk (super names in it but shhhhhhh). DJing-wise we have some gigs planned and we really hope to go back to our favourite place on earth aka Brazil in the next year to dig, eat and visit our friends there.

Interview by Michael D.