Blair French – Standing Still Is An Illusion (Bamboozle AKA Eli Soul Clap Remix) [Rocksteady Disco]

About a year and a half ago we had the pleasure of introducing you to Blair French and his fantastic debut on Rocksteady Disco, Standing Still Is An Illusion, by far one of our favourite records of 2017. We also had the pleasure of premiering Public Park from his follow-up record earlier this year. Although an already accomplished producer, Standing Still was the first time Blair produced under this alias and was also the first time he produced a dance record. What a debut.

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Fast forwarding to today, Standing Still Is An Illusion has gotten the remix treatment, and let us tell you, it is quite the package. Featuring remixes from both Aroop Roy and Topher Horn, another Rocksteady Disco regular, it already sounds like a hit. But, we’ve got another first for you. Eli, from a duo you may have heard of called Soul Clap, is also on the bill. His debut release as Bamboozle just so happens to be a remix of Blair’s debut. When we first heard the news, we thought that there was no way this recipe could be screwed up and boy were we ever right.

Upping the tempo, Bamboozle takes an already percussion-filled track to the next level. In the first half we have the original’s warm chords and vocals paired with complimentary swelling synths and an upbeat, muted cowbell rhythm. The break takes us into a percussive boogie down until the second half of the track where it takes a deeper turn. Tasty pads and the re-worked rubbery bassline carry this one into late night territory. With the stellar ears of Pontchartrain on mixing duties, it gives it that much extra sheen. Just like the original, the Bamboozle remix is a whole journey within a single track. Bolting Bits stamp of approval. Get your copy here as the release is out now!