PREMIERE : Blair French – Standing Still Is An Illusion [Rocksteady Disco]


Rocksteady Disco (soundcloud) is a Detroit-based boutique record label and party series that was launched in 2014 by Peter Croce. Their aim is to continue the tradition of house and disco in the Motor City while maintaining an eclectic sound that transcends beyond the two aforementioned genres. Jazzy and afro influences are just as likely to be heard in their catalogue as are deep Detroit-inspired chords, staying true to their roots in a modern way. One thing you are sure to find throughout RSD’s releases and their events are funky bass lines and rhythms made to make you dance.

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RSD006, “Standing Still Is An Illusion” comes from Blair French (soundcloud), a producer and DJ who’s been honing his skills for a number of years under his own name and a number of aliases such as Dial.81, BLKSHRK, Cosmic Handshakes and Nois Land. Keeping his releases mainly on labels from his close-knit Detroit community, he’s back this time with a solo EP for Rocksteady Disco. This three track EP features fantastic grooves and percussion throughout with the B sides ‘Ayiba I Yeri O‘ and ‘Pagode Americano‘ sampling no-nonsense Afro and Brazilian numbers meant straight for the dance floor.

Our premiere, the A1 and title track ‘Standing Still Is An Illusion‘ is a bit of a journey at slightly over 9 minutes long but it’s one that you’re going to want to embark on. Featuring Topher Horn, Paul Randolph and Ryan Gimpert, there’s a load of instrumentation on this one from the early jazzy ride groove and deep bass that serves as an intro, to the rhodes chords, guitars and bongo rhythms found later on. Despite a number of change-ups in the arrangement, it still feels like one coherent piece. Subtle adjustments in percussion and a number of different instruments are introduced at regular intervals, giving the impression that the majority of the track was jammed out first and then fine-tuned and re-arranged. If you’re looking for a tune that’s got a little bit of everything – grooves, melodies, percussion and fantastic instrumentation, then you’ve come to the right place.

Pre-order RSD006 here as it hits shelves in early June.