Black Zodiac – True Places (Dream 2 Science Remix) [Carry On]

Do you consider yourself a house head? If so, you know that not a day goes by where you don’t hope for new tunes from Dream 2 Science. New to this world? If so, Dream 2 Science is NYC based legend Cozmo D. Real name Ben Cenac, Cozmo is highly regarded for his role in pioneering electro group Newcleus, and he later enjoyed international success with his jazzy, garage-inclined Sha-lor project. His work as Dream 2 Science was little known outside of a hardcore circle of deep house enthusiasts until Rush Hour reissued his classic self-titled LP. Since then, Ben has been responsible for a few critically acclaimed remixes, but we’ve yet to see a new EP of tunes under the Dream 2 Science alias.

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Now that the history lesson is over, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Dropping via Carry On Records on June 8th is an EP titled “True Places” by little known producer, Black Zodiac. Not much information is available about he/she/them online, but we’re glad the two tracker landed in our inbox. Both tracks prove to be excellent little slices of golden-era deep house, fitting for the warm up or come down. The a-side is a bit more shimmery, while the Dream 2 Science remix on the b-side is expectedly deep, and sexy as hell. Cozmo puts heavy focus on the main synth melody, letting it ring out over deep pads and subdued percussive elements, before stripping it away in favor of extended solos. There’s a gorgeous warmth to this track that’s completely arresting. Put simply, a track that helps to clear your mind. It certainly won’t be clearing any dancefloors.

Keep your eye out for the drop on June 8. Pre-order the project here.