LiH018 – The Best Of Lumberjacks In Hell

the best of lumberjack in hell

The Lumberjacks in hell label boasts a 6 year history of putting out some of the best disco edits out there. Managed by Marcel Vogel, the label featured edits and productions from the likes of Rahaan, Eddie C, Rayko, Philou Louzolo and Mannmademusic just to name a few of the impressive collection of artists that featured on the label. To celebrate 6 years of setting dancefloors on fire and then claiming the insurance money, Lumberjacks in hell is releasing an EP , the « best of Lumberjacks in hell », which will feature some selected highlights from their catalogue and some licensed favorites that are currently hard to get on vinyl. 8 titles of disco edits on 2×12“, carefully selected to please all of you disco selectors out there.

As for our personal favorite release from Lumberjacks in hell? Chicago Service is the one. That release got  hidden warehouse disco party written all over it.

Do yourself the pleasure of checking out the best of lumberjacks in hell EP. We hope they have many years ahead of treating us to righteous disco edits. Out August 9th .

John Monday