Beringei – The People, The Place [WotNot Music]

beringei - the people, the place
The beautiful thing about culture is that, in the face of any gloomy situation, there is always a glimmer of light, a cause for hope. No one knows this better than a springboard for new talent such as WotNot (K15, Glenn Astro, Deft, Danvers). Any time a world-weary older generation despairs at the spate of venue closures, tightening nightlife laws and changing values, a new cohort of artists is working hard at finding their place in the musical world; a group who know no better times, and so make the most of their environment, facing the world with optimism and can-do attitude.

In this light, WotNot is introducing Beringei, a broken beat producer whose debut release The People, The Place brings focus to the people and communities that make the London music scene so special. In particular it’s a tribute to the dancers at his MOSSA parties (headliners like John Swing, EMG, Debora Ipekel, Ece Duzgit, Cervo, K15), and the community of artists and minds at the Total Refreshment Centre where he shared a studio with label mate William Florelle and DJ’d on The Docks Studios internet radio station.

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Title track The People, The Place hosts syncopated vocals over twisting live bass and shuffling broken beats. Listening (and unavoidably shimmying) to this, it is no surprise that at MOSSA the lights are turned down as low as possible, in tribute to the legendary Plastic People nights that many of this crowd are too young to have experienced, but were formative for Beringei himself.

The vocals and lyrics for Blue Moon were improvised in a single take, and perfectly capture the slinky and sensual but groovy nature of the beat with its delicious bumpy Rhodes and bubbling bass. Wrapping up the release is a wonky, psychedelic remix from William Florelle, whose second WotNot EP will also be out soon.

Sadly the venues this release pays tribute to have since closed, but this EP is not just a snapshot of a beautiful time and place, but a much needed beacon of positivity and a sign of great things to come. Pre-order now.