Austin Ato – Putting It In My Way (Vocal) [Delusions of Grandeur]

Austin Ato is Scotland’s latest next big thing. Although this alias is fairly new with releases only popping up over the last year or so on labels such as Phonica White, Futureboogie and Me Me Me, Austin’s actually a veteran who has been releasing records for over a decade under various pseudonyms. In the past, he’s released as, Drums of Death, Frankie Dreams and The Slumberjack. That explains why his output already sounds so crisp and polished. His influences vary, leaning heavily towards disco but also taking bits from a multitude of sources such as afrobeat and beyond. One thing is certain though, his productions are built straight for the big room dancefloor.

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His latest release, “Ella/Putting It In My Way”, forthcoming on the ever prolific Delusions of Grandeur is no different. ‘Ella’ takes a catchy disco riff and turns it upside down into a peak time stormer. The big synthy horns and mallet style percussion fit oddly well together, further evidence that Austin is not afraid to combine elements that don’t traditionally fit together. Our premiere today and the second single on the release ‘Putting It In My Way’ is a vocal bomb, combining both spoken word and the catchy hook after which it’s named. A deep sub bass and big swelling pads as well as the bloopy, percussion-heavy break only help to further cement it as another surefire party track.

We don’t need to tell you to keep an eye on Auston Ato as he’s already made a name for himself in an extremely short span of time. Make sure to grab your copy of the latest record here.