Armonics – Music And Lights [Bordello A Parigi]

Four years ago, Francesco Strippoli debuted on Bordello A Parigi with Universal Oneness followed by the analogue rich Prison Planet EP. Once again, donning his Armonics alias, the Bari based producer returns with four tracks for Future Echoes. The synthesizer warmth that has characterised past releases is immediately present. At the heart of “Floating High” is Strippoli’s keyboard work. Beats are crisp and understated as waves of melodic murmuration bob and weave to perfectly complement each other.

A steady kick introduces the textured title work. Warbling notes give way to bolder chords, chords that are blurred by shimmering arpeggios as layers of harmony expand and unfold. Nostalgia meets the needle on the flip. “Retrospectiva” blends subtle shades with brassy extravagance, the sun and romance of southern Italy radiating in tempered brilliance. The energy of “Music and Lights” closes. Throbbing keys are further fortified by swirling synth stabs, the intensity being ratchetted up to boiling point in this dancefloor delight. Quality through and through.


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