Ari Bald – Umberto Arpeggio [Haŵs]

Ari Bald, who made a name for himself putting out sample-based disco cuts, had announced a while back that he’d be focusing more on the analog side of music production in his coming releases. The first evidence of that was on the debut VA from Haŵs entitled Haŵs Party Vol. 1. Now he’s following it up with a full EP of analog-style deep house for the same label. The four track EP is called Pesce after the opening track and it is packed with 80’s style drum machines, lush pads, italo-style arpeggios and more.

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Our premiere today is the closing track, Umberto Arpeggio, and it definitely focuses on the latter both in name and execution. A functional italo-style track, it’s built around the bubbly bass-line and bright synth lead. Moody deep pads come into the fold for some nice contrast while the development is carried in part by the drum machine work and the filter cutoff on the synths which creates the slow building tension. The rest of the EP is well rounded with the breakbeat and electro-inspired Sunday Wool, 80’s influenced Pesce, and the hybrid jam, Club Contradictory. Overall, it’s a good release to have in your collection that you can pull out on a number of occasions.Be sure to support the label directly via their Bandcamp as the release is out next week!