Andy Compton & Shamrock – Nifanyeje [Lumberjack In Hell]

Andy Compton & Shamrock - Nifanyeje

Marcel Vogel’s Amsterdam based label Lumberjacks in Hell arises once again with something raw, soulful, and extremely fresh for your listening pleasure. This time, they’ve tapped the deeply prolific Bristol-based house connoisseur Andy Compton, who’s had a long and venerable career both as a soloist and part of the legendary trio of The Rurals, and who’s also released more than 31 albums and over 135 EPs. This project sees Andy join forces with the African artist Shamrock and the Swahili vocalist Asali for four sun-drenched boogie tracks that they recorded in South Africa.

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“Nifanyeje,” the projects stand-out track is a slow groover with one hell of a bassline. Adding to the “smoothness” is what seems to be a suite of live instrumentation including organic percussion, gentle guitar, funky brass, light key stabs, and a gorgeous, airy vocal. A track like this demands you to chill. Don’t listen to this in the morning, you won’t get anything done for the rest of the day. If I didn’t have a job to do I’d roll a joint and listen to it 100 times. Anyways, just added this burner to my “Rosé Season” playlist on Spotify. Hand me my slips, fam.Bunny Chow, the 31st EP from Lumberjacks in Hell, couldn’t be a better release. It drops on May 7th, and will likely soundtrack your summer. On May 7th, support the musicians who appear on this record by shelling out some cash for the wax. You won’t be sorry, and you might get laid if you play it.