Alex Albrecht – Sunshower [Analogue Attic Recordings]

Analogue Attic - alexalbrecht
Australia’s Analogue Attic returns mid-March with the debut album from Alex Albrecht. The ten-track project is entitled ‘Campfire Stories’ and features collaborations with label/production partner Sean La’Brooy, Allysha Joy (30/70), Thomas Gray and more.

Here Albrecht delivers his debut solo album which we’re told ‘’explores dreams, the unconscious and the intertwining of feelings and memory. Interspersed field recordings lend to the fragmented way people recall experiences. It is a narrative in which the listener is encouraged to attach their own thoughts and impressions to the soundscapes.’’

Since 2014, Alex Albrecht and Sean La’Brooy, better known to most as Albrecht La’Brooy, have released an array of material on Apollo Records, Scissor & Thread, their own Analogue Attic Recordings and more, always leaning towards the deep, hypnotic and emotive side of House, Techno and Ambient. The project was designed as a gapless album, intended to be listened from start to finish and welcomes a number of collaborations throughout with the likes of 30/70’s Allysha Joy and Ziggy Zeitgeist (ZFEX), Thomas Gray, Carla Oliver (Badskin) as well as long-time musical partner and co-label head, Sean La’Brooy.


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