Adryiano – Got U Lovin [Shall Not Fade]

Since its inception in 2015, British label Shall Not Fade has come to be synonymous with superbly produced underground anthems. With a reputation like this, it goes without saying that the imprint’s latest EP, has us very, very hyped.

The man behind the mischief is a Shall Not Fade OG, Adryiano, who returns to the label to deliver a stomping four-tracker of classic, sample-based house cuts. The “Dreams With” EP has an infectious warmth to it, rendering it a summer essential for any house aficionado’s collection. Not long ago when we caught up with the German producer to talk tunes, he cited the “rough attitude that Chicago…had back in the days” as a key influence on his sound. It comes as no surprise then, that the vibes of this EP are unashamedly old-school and unpretentious. The result: feel-good house at its finest.

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Our premiere, Got U Lovin, kicks off the EP by transporting us front-left with its charismatic groove. Opening with muffled beats that usher in a hard-hitting 4/4 kick, the track progresses to showcase the understated power of a killer sample hook, a simple chord sequence, and just the right amount of filtering. Adryiano’s enthusiasm is contagious, providing a jacking energy fit to satisfy all our dance cravings. This is the type of jam just begging to be be played on a big system. With open-air season just around the corner, we are pleased to say it won’t have to beg much longer.

The EP releases tomorrow on June 1, head to Bandcamp to get your digital or vinyl fix.

Lily D.