Adel Dhibi – Fadha [Magic Ritmo]

The mystics of Magic Ritmo arise with their debut record, unearthing a curated selection of tracks from Adel Dhibi’s 1996 album M’Hajer for a coveted and long-awaited reissue.

Adel is a Belgian artist of Tunisian origin working most prominently between 1993 and 1996 on a variety of electronic music from Downtempo to House, Trance and beyond, whilst carefully intertwining sounds inspired by his Arabic origins, a path lesser trodden by both his European and Tunisian counterparts at the time of release. A deep believer of empowerment through music, Adel’s unique approach sets to create a more peaceful world through his exploration of new and pioneering electronic sounds. A vision of sound and values that stands relevant and even more powerful today, 27 years after M’Hajer’s original release.

Magic Ritmo is honoured to continue to share Adel’s story and music with an exclusive, fully licensed and remastered version of M’Hajer. The album was originally recorded at Java-Trot Studio in Ostend, Belgium before its original CD/Cassette release, making this reissue the first time M’hajer has been pressed to vinyl.

Tensi on A1 is the perfect introduction to the record, an ambience of glittering synths and strings set the tension, building towards a paradise of breaks, euphoric arpeggiators and echoing Arabic vocals. Fadha follows suit, keeping the tempo high with psychedelic flair as its driving percussion pushes the record into early-Goa territory. Finally, closing out the record we have Sabrin for the B side, a downtempo gem filled with spacey electronics and a bassline set to shake any system that can handle its powerful frequencies.

Magic Ritmo proudly presents M’Hajer by Adel Dhibi. Remastered, reissued and available for the first time on 12” vinyl. Limited 100 pressings.

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