Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange + Wayne Snow – Kreuzberg Kix [Secretsundaze]

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange + Wayne Snow - Kreuzberg Kix
Kreuzberg Kix Vol. 1, the latest EP dropping courtesy of famed London-based label, Secretsundaze, is a blast of nostalgia for eclectic live-sets geared toward the dancefloor. Tapping recent signee, Ziggy Zeitgeist, this EP is a short, yet densely packed glimpse into this musician’s impressive groove-making skills. Ziggy is known for channeling his background in future-jazz experimentation as part of the Melbourne collective, 30/70, into breakbeat-inflected grooves via his group, the Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

B-track, “Kreuzberg Kix”, offers a more tribal, hard-hitting counterpoint to the melodic odyssey of opening track, “Something Special”. The track unfolds in a freeform, almost languid manner that echoes Ziggy’s jazz influences. Despite its looseness, the track never grows stale nor feels haphazard, as every element perfectly balances out one another. The deep bass and congas that open the track give it its pulsing rhythm and emulate its live-recording feel, while the spacey, sinewy keys provide a slightly cheeky, ever-funky rhythm. 

As the central melody of the groove presents itself, the track feels like it may be transitioning into something akin to a more traditional house or breakbeat number. But there’s a strain of unpredictability running throughout its veins, always keeping the listener on edge but never forsaking its primary M.O.––to provide fresh, inventive rhythms to get your body moving.