PREMIERE : Yardley – Fresh Purpose [Ville Nouvelle]

Ville Nouvelle is a Parisian cassette label run by good friends Boris and Théophile. For their fourth release, we’ll see Australian grown, now Paris-based producers Yardley (soundcloud) and River Yarra (soundcloud) each bring forth four delightful tracks to the table. The label name “Ville Nouvelle” is actually derived from an architectural term which describes new cities being built on uninhabited land. Fittingly enough, VNC004 Antipodal Movements sonically captures the two young producers’ recent journey from Melbourne to settle in France.The album may appear pleasantly humble at first listen, however each track really goes to showcase both producers’ cosmopolitan flair. Whilst one tune may combine dashes of East Asian pentatonic improvisations and classic French cosmic synths, another would pair tribal afro rhythms with dreamy drones that perhaps make for an interpretation of the mystical Australian bushland.

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Being premiered today is Yardley’s ‘Fresh Purpose’, standing out at A2 in the album. A lovely woodwind melody takes the storyline, expanding joyfully and contracting gracefully. It bounces us along with the track’s ebb and flow, which alternates between its feature of the mellow bass or echoey mallet tones. Yardley adds little exciting splashes of laser sweeps along the way, before slowly adventuring to heavier, raw percussive breaks and acid synth explorations. At once introspective and uplifting, ‘Fresh Purpose’ is quite the charmer.

VNC004 Antipodal Movements is set for an August 28th release, with only 100 red hot tapes for you to fight over. Pre-order the cassette and/or digital album here, it’s a right treat!