PREMIERE : Yadava – Heart Strings [Ad Hoc Records]

Embodying what they coin as Manchester’s disobedient nature, Ad Hoc Records are championing the sound of their local producers. Transcending labels and genres, their aim is to showcase the best the city has to offer through the international and borderless language of music. Although the imprint has only two releases to their name so far, a various artist package and a solo EP from Taurtollo, they’ve already shown that they’re sticking true to their ethos as both records explore territories ranging from downtempo, jazzy flavours to percussion filled house grooves. Their third release is up next and it is once again highlighting the diversity of the city’s producers with a second various artists package. Welcoming new members Sid QuirkTwo Tail, and RareBIT to their roster, Ad Hoc are also bringing back Yadava (soundcloud) from their successful first release.

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Yadava is the c0-founder of successful Mancunian party night So Flute which showcases forward thinking talent from across the globe and he also has a residency on NTS Radio. Likely drawing on influences from the wide variety of guests booked at their parties over the past 6 years, Yadava’s sound is one that’s hard to pin down. Quality over quantity is a popular saying and it holds true here, as what little we have heard from the producer has been quite ear-catching thus far and that definitely includes today’s premiere of his track Heart Strings. A variety of natural sounding percussion and a funky muted bass help enforce the groove but the real beauty of this tune lies within the melodic elements. Despite being a very familiar sample, the strings in the aptly titled track can still be re-imagined if used in proper, creative ways and that is the case here. With support from a lovely bent guitar and delicate keys around the strings that oh so pull at our heart, the result as a whole is a spectacular medley of sounds even Pepe Bradock would be proud of.

Yadava is certainly one to watch and it seems so is the rest of Manchester as Ad Hoc continue to dig up talent in the northwestern English city. Keep a lookout for this release and more over at the label’s Bandcamp page.