Wbeeza returns to his own Peckham Fly imprint with ‘Spektral’ EP

London’s Warren Brown, better known as Wbeeza, has long been known as one of the UK capital’s finest purveyors for raw, emotional house and techno, regularly releasing material via the highly respected Third Ear imprint as well as Moscow club Arma17’s Arma Records and Secretsundaze amongst others.

Here though it’s a welcome return to his own Peckham Fly label with a new EP and taking the lead on the A1 is ‘Scalar Field’, a nine-minute workout embracing dusty, robust drums, a snaking chord sequence and a gritty analogue feel.

Title-cut ‘Spektral’ follows next, fuelled by a heavily swung, jazz-tinged drum groove, bubbling arpeggio lines and a choppy square wave bass line before the ‘Wbeeza Spectral Cut’ of ‘Bodyman’ rounds out the release on the B2, employing a dubbed-out aesthetic this time via swirling synth echoes, fluttering synth licks and crunchy lo-fi drums.