PREMIERE : Wallabee – Feel [Dream Raw Recording]

Dream Raw Recordings - wallabee

Dream Raw Recordings, self-proclaimed underground label for all kind of fresh dreamy, hazy, lo-fi, raw house, are gearing up to release a V/A comp of gems from a staggering, 36 artists. Faithful to the motto, “too many good tracks,” DRR decided it’d make sense to organize a digital release full of tunes from artists you may already follow, and a bunch you most likely do not. The collection of tracks is wide ranging, spanning mellow house full of dreamy pads and emotional detuned lo-fi pianos to tape recorded acid jams and jungle.

An immediate standout from the pack, Belfast producer Wallabee’s “Feel” features a dramatic, vintage sounding piano loop that creeps over deep drums and under signature lo-fi hats and snares. Adding more fuel to the fire, a heavily reverbed sample of Timbaland’s famous adlibs on Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” is the perfect complement to an already tripped out track. If you were up on your stuff, you would have heard this track already. Five months ago, Wallabee self-released it via his SoundCloud page. Having smartly signed the track, Dream Raw adds an excellent track to an already impressive collection of tunes. A dig through Wallabee’s discography shows a penchant for deep lo-fi house, glistening pianos, and heavy reverb. One could easily get lost in more than one of his productions. Hint, hint…someone should sign his other track, “2K17.” For many, this will be a nice intro to an unknown producer, and we’ll certainly be watching out for Wallabee’s next releases.

Stay tuned for the rest of the compilation to drop. At 36 tracks, there are bound to be a couple you’ll love. Buy link is already online via bandcamp.