Vodor L Zeck – Motimorn [Enbeezee]

Hamburg’s Enbeezee returns this April with a twelve-track various artist collection curated by Han Duo and Fluctuosa.Enbeezee : ‘’After the rerelease of JGB’s Gyra EP and previous vinyl and digital releases, Enbeezee releases its first VA Compilation. Co-curated by Han Duo and Fluctuosa. This package is a wild combination of tracks from artists between Berlin, Istanbul, Brooklyn, Karlsruhe and Rio de Janeiro. The idea started in the half year, Vincent aka. Han Duo spent for his political science studies in Istanbul, where he met Dogukhan aka. Fluctuosa, who introduced him to the underground scene of the city. As Covid hit right after the stay in Istanbul, the Comp aims to share profits between all artists equally to support one another in the pandemic. The international and decentralized curation tries to give a sense of international solidarity for artists in the underground music scene. The label share is also waved for this.’’

Across the twelve tracks the project shines light on a variety of styles and genres under the electronic music umbrella, such as glitched out IDM on cuts like JGB’s ‘Café Arabica’, Capgraz’ ‘Proxima 55’ and Fluctuosa’s ‘Usingtons’. There’s also some more cinematic electronica sounds such as DJ Death’s ‘You Should Chill’ and Kuprion’s tripped out ‘Enter Taste’.

Also on offer are some more straight 4/4 cuts like HV’s ethereal ‘Postoned’, Han Duo’s break-led ‘Honaki’ and Max In The World’s acid-tinged workout ‘Grounded On Earth’.

The NBZ VA 001 is out April 2021.

text has been provided by the label.