Vince Watson – Progress (Yoruba Soul Remix) [Everysoul]

Vince Watson’s ‘Via’ album form 2018 gets some incredible remix action from Deep House heroes Joe Claussell, Osunlade and Steve Bug & Langenberg.

First up is a rare remix by Joe Claussell…its not so much of a remix, but in fact a live instrumentalist jam with his favoured and most trusted musicians overdubbing loops from the original, and it’s astonishing. Over 11mins of pure live musicianship from the soul. Sumptuous piano solo’s, percussive grooves, insatiable synth playing and lush chanting vocals help re-define what a ‘remix’ really is.

On the flip-side is the master of deep groove’s Osunlade with a Yoruba Soul workout, delivering a stripped back groover (much needed after JC :). Adding some trademark Yoruba sounds and keeping the originals platform, it satisfies and is perfect for the sun going down to get you into the next groove.

The 3rd remix is by Poker Flat boss Steve Bug and his long time collaborator Langenberg with a serious funky ass version of the albums title track ‘Via’. Using the deep chords and stabs from the original, and building them with extra strings with their typically funky drum grooves bring the head nodding factor up a few notches.

Completing the outstanding lineup is France’s house heavyweight Manoo, with a super smooth version of ‘Progress’, with his deep trademark groove and hypnotic style. The subtle string build and long bass lines bring the EP to a conclusion in the most perfect way.