Vick Lavender – Negro Es Hermano (The Utajiri Heritage Mix)

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A 20+ year veteran of Chicago’s thriving house scene, Vick Lavender needs no introduction. His music has been heard by many and played on dancefloors across the world, either under his real name or one of his other aliases. One of the most notable perhaps is a group he’s a part of that you may have heard of called Strictly Jaz Unit. Releasing on a number of labels throughout the years, perhaps most notably on his own Sophisticado Recordings, he’s a master of deep, soulful and emotional house music. Today we are extremely excited to present Vick’s newest release forthcoming on ANMA Records entitled The Nature EP.

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Our premiere today is the A1 “Negro Es Hermano”. It’s a 14 minute long, hypnotizing piece that fuses jazz, funk, soul and of course house music. Organs, rhythm guitars and keys are more present in the first half of the track. It continually evolves though and we see the second half explode into a more modern jazzy medley of synth work with bigger pads, strings and muted, filtered moogy lines. We won’t dive much deeper than that and let you explore this journey all on your own.