Umbra – Late Night Fairytales (Bárbara Boeing Remix) [Hard Fist]

Tints of UFOria” is a celestial electronic journey produced by brussels-based dj and producer Umbra.

As well as being the co-founder of Magma Collective, Julien Gathy alias Umbra is known for distinctive soundscapes that interweave melancholic undertones. He brings palpable tension and heavy dance beats, achieved through a DIY vision of sampling and messing with drum machines.

‘Tints of UFOria’ is a sonic exploration in all its forms, from profound, shadowy depths to heart-pounding excitement. Blending different styles and genres seamlessly, playing with opposite and nuance, the 5 track EP goes from one surprise to another, from one galactic leap to the next. Get on board for deep space travel.


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