PREMIERE : T.U.R.F. – East Side Harmony [Apparel Music]

Today’s premiere brings us to Milan, Italy where Giuseppe D’Alessandro, aka Kisk, founded Apparel Music in 2009. A record label that has been around for a while and has good rapport among many of the scenes tastemakers, Apparel Music has, like any label or artist, developed its sound over time. One element that many of the producers who release on the imprint turn to is jazz, which is the cornerstone that the label has been founded on. They state that “jazz brings a more human dynamic” to electronic music, and we wholeheartedly agree. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to many great artists through Apparel’s catalogue and that trend continues today.

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T.U.R.F. (soundcloud) are next up on the docket with a pair of tracks curated for the limited catalogue. Though we don’t know much about them just yet, these three Utrecht, Netherlands-based friends have immediately caught our ear. They promise to “create a sound that is as varied as the records we draw inspiration from” and we’re hoping they stick to their word.

The trio’s debut comes in the form of a two track EP entitled “Moonlighting” and our premiere today is the first cut, ‘East Side Harmony‘. A sampled jazzy piano melody is underpinned by moody chords and further held up by a punchy bass line that’s just tempting those feet to move. There’s a real sense of progression to the tune as various percussion is introduced and taken away, while the chords and keys are meticulously filtered. Curtis Mayfield imparts some wisdom about the underground in a short break just as the track really hits its peak with crisp shuffling hats and a muted jazzy sax, before giving way to the final stripped back, groovy portion. Combining jazzy elements with a dance floor ready groove, this one is sure to do some damage on the dance floor this summer.