Trev – For You Around Me [Dance Regular]

trev - dance regular
It’s always special to be part of a record label’s birth, so we’re stoked to welcome London label Dance Regular to our catalogue of premieres with the B1 – For You Around Me by Trev – from their first record already available in pre-order.

James Rudie and EVM128 have started the label, which they say will orbit around styles like House, Bruk, Soul, Jazz, Boogie, Half Time, Jungle, Ragga, and more. Multiple records are already set for release in 2019, but the first, which includes our premiere track, will be up for grabs from 7th June.

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Body Music Vol 1 is its name – a six-track, various artist EP. From the dark wobbly bass of the opening track by Xtra Brux, to the light and playful melodies on the B2 by Szajna, the musical diversity here is striking.

For You Around Me is an intelligent, jazz-house fusion whose intensity undulates in parallel with ethereal strings. It features a 50/50 mix of 4×4 and more breakbeat, syncopated drums. Layered keys, including a quintessential jazz sound in a Rhodes keyboard, lull us into the onset of strings and drums, each escalating until the bass kicks in shortly after the minute-mark and the track takes off.

Overall, it’s six-minutes of intriguing rhythms soaked, in a measured way, with melodies that move back and forth between flowing moodiness in House form and lighter, more glitchy jazz.