Tourman – Donald llg [Neptune Discs]

👽🧚‍♀️ ~ Trance-inducing progressive genres, which dive into the magnetic allure of ’90s progressive sounds with a distinct tilt towards the club scene. ~ 👽🧚‍♀️

A1 introduces Cybernet, an emerging force hailing from the vibrant scene of Aus. Delving beyond the sounds of the ’90s Cybernet brings forth a distinctive sonic narrative, intertwining intricate vocal hooks before unleashing the pulsating acid-line. An instant classic unfolds, resonating with the essence of the dancefloor.

Glen S swiftly becomes a Neptune Disc regular with “Uh!” on A2. Tailored for the club, he infuses his signature alien scattered pulses and a rolling bassline. With a deft touch, he creates a surge of energy by cutting off all elements on the drop, leaving only the bass and kicks. Expertly crafted.

On the B-side, Aiden’s “Fanks” captivates with its trippy allure. This track ventures beyond imitation, weaving a tapestry of trippy sounds that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. Its avant-garde approach to trance-inducing progressive genres defies convention, pulling you into a mesmerising vortex of sound that envelops and transports.

B2 showcases Tourman‘s prowess as a versatile producer, seamlessly delving into a recent sound. Overflowing with progressive energy and adorned with scattered UFO sounds, this track stands as a testament to Tourman’s evolving artistry—a dynamic force ready to command diverse sonic landscapes. An ideal opener for peak-time revelry.


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