PREMIERE : Topher Horn – Photo For Todd (Sol Power All-Stars Remix)

rocksteady disco - topher horn

Peter Croce’s Detroit-based boutique record label and party series Rocksteady Disco is gearing up to release their eight project, this time a various artists compilation including remixes of two tracks from Peter Croce and Topher Horn by Detroit stalwarts LADYMONIX and Pontchartrain, and one from the D.C. legend Sol Power All-Stars. The EP has more of what we’ve come to expect from Rocksteady Disco, eclectic yet cohesive tracks inspired by global soundsystem culture and rooted in house and disco. Dropping in early 2018, the “Remixes, Rarities & VIPs Vol.1” collection pulls together an exciting cast of characters from the Motor City and should be on any heads release watchlist as we break into the new year.

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Stepping up alongside Detroit producers isn’t an easy task, but if someone was going to do it it’d be D.C.’s Marc Meisnere and Rhome Anderson aka Sol Power All-Stars. Over the years he’s churned out numerous top dollar edits, originals, and remixes, many of which have appeared on his own label, Sol Power Sound. Here, they Topher’s original and stripped it of its overt “balearic-ness,” instead replacing it with a rolling afro-house beat and bouncy bass and synth lines. Organic percussion knocks over deep, steady pads and piano riffs before high pitched funk synths take us through the finish line. We’d put this in the understated burner category, a category for tracks that seem unassuming but light up a packed dance-floor. Alternatively, it’s also perfect for home listening. A simple groover that lifts spirits and is easy on the ears. Keep this one in your bag folks, and watch out for the release because the rest of it packs a punch.