Tomi Chair – Tropical Imagination [SCISSOR&THREAD]

We can always trust Tokyo’s Tominori Hosoya aka Tomi Chair, to take us on a complex and elegantly devised voyage through space and through our senses. Coming off the illustrious Brooklyn-based label, Scissor&Thread, his latest EP, made up of 5 amazing tunes, kicks off with the irresistibly touching title track ‘Tropical Imagination’. It is just over 6 minutes of pure pleasure, generating a truly tranquil ambience in the first few moments. Hosoya’s production of synthy splendour plays on our emotions as he sprinkles a few delicate notes over the top of a punchy deep house beat, gearing you up for the afro-infused percussion that works so well with the serenity. The faint synths coupled with graceful chords throughout the track keep you in a light protective space that is your own, it’s unique. The music plays in a wide open space that is also enclosed enough to allow us into Hosoya’s sumptuous fantasy.

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It is so satisfying that highly-ranked ‘artist development platform’ (awesome forward-thinking record label) Scissor&Thread and Tomi Chair, the renowned progressive house craftsman, have joined to deliver such a masterful track to the house lovers of the world. The label owners are no stranger to distributing the finest music, with artists such as Sven Weismann, Tales of Us and Kate Simko charting their releases from the likes of Francis Harris, Black Light Smoke and Nadia Khan. The sonic sounds and melodic tones carry us on a deep house excursion into the mind of Hosoya who masterfully achieves transcendence with his music. We love this track! To cop yours now, pre-order here