PREMIERE : Tochigi Canopy – Collecting Things [FHUO Records]

tochigi canopy

FHUO Records, founded by French wunderkind Folamour, has quietly been releasing incredible music for almost a year. Currently, the discography includes two V/A comps and a collaborative EP between Folamour and Parviz. Next up for the label is a melancholic LP by the semi-mysterious producer Valentin Meneveau, aka Tochigi Canopy (soundcloud). In its entirety, the project is a meticulously expressive body of work spanning electronica, ambient, and deep house, and its immediate effect on the senses is a result of Tochigi’s unique ability to craft cinematic soundscapes that are more like audible paintings than songs.

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A look into his world is a look into a kaleidoscope of ever-changing patterns that evoke mental images of nature, personal memories, and moments of nostalgia.“Collecting Things,” the second track on the A-side of the LP begins with the always calming sounds of birds chirping, a gentle intro to the warped, detuned synths that wrap the listener in an over-saturated state of bliss anchored by a percussive sequence that seems like a nod to pioneering hip hop instrumentalists like J-Dilla and Nujabes. A simple, chilled out bass line is the icing on the cake here, the perfect complement to a tripped out adventure into the deepest and most beautiful parts of your imagination. What are you waiting for? Tune in and fade out.