Tilman – You Can’t Hide The Rumors [FINE]

fine records

German producers Tilman and Johannes Albert have been cranking out crafty disco-sampling house music and fun, gritty tools under their FINE brand for about two years now. The latest comes from Mainz-based Tilman, in the form of the four track Beyond My Soul EP. Like past releases in the catalogue, the record hosts useful sample-based cuts and edits for the disco-minded house fan.

Our premiere comes via the A1 slot on the 12″, “You Can’t Hide The Rumors”, which ups the tempo for a slightly melancholy affair. A big breakbeat serves as the backbone of the track, with well-timed percussion samples and open hats adding motion and groove. Front and center is a fluttering piano, accented by gloomy strings and filtered vocal chops. It’s a bit more frantic in speed and vibe than the often playful stylings of recent releases on the label, but provides nice variety for the four-track offering.

On the other grooves are a grip of disco flips with different utilities. “Talking About Today” combining Keni Burke and Mary Jane Girls in an uptempo and swingy affair for the A2. Meanwhile, the B-side ventures into more laidback territory, with guitar-driven soul chops setting the summer mood. Be sure to keep an eye out for this solid record, which is now available on the label’s Bandcamp.