PREMIERE : Tilman – Stay Here Forever [Fine]

One of the two bosses of German label Fine has four funk-filled, rolling tunes prepared for its seventh release. Look out for Tilman’s (soundcloud) dance-inducing, soul-seducing quartet of sample-heavy house and disco jams out on January 18.

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A1 is packed with the usual disco/house sonic suspects: strings, jazzy keys and heartfelt vocal loops. It’s a credit to the Mainz-based producer that the bass varies significantly and with dynamism, but subtly enough that it mainstays the groove alongside the drums throughout the track. Cut 2 on the record stands out with its fluttering flute-loops, that float in and out on top of the beat throughout the song. Pleasant vocal hums, that almost sound like pads, smoothly fill out the background until about halfway when various soul-heavy vocal samples give the song a warm and almost contemplative touch.

Our premiere track from the EP, Stay Here Forever, will consume listeners with its heavy and full bass-end, and splashy and crunchy top-end. The track’s flow is now and then broken up aptly and evenly by a sequence of chopped and stuttered chord samples – not too dissimilar to a rolling Daft Punk disco thumper – to make it all the sweeter when the drums punch back in. Perhaps undeservedly buried as the record’s last track, Take Me For Your Love is arguably, overall, the EP’s most dynamic. Two guitar riffs (the first, as if sampled from the legendary Voodoo Chile’s unreleased cousin) come in interchangeably. Along with an ethereal chord progression of strings, they give the song an impressive balance of melodic simplicity and depth.