PREMIERE : The Problem with George – To La Luna [Cynic Music]

A veteran who has been around for three decades, Felix Dickinson (soundcloud) is a name synonymous with quality. Although he’s not been in the direct spotlight throughout his career, he’s managed to continuously stay relevant with releases on taste making labels such as Rush Hour, DFA, Golf Channel and of course his own imprint, Cynic Music, which has been around for 14 years.

“The Problem with George” is the next release from Felix Dickinson’s Cynic Music. Featuring George Levings of Commix fame, Endian of Secretsundaze and Felix himself, the release is a two track affair. When Felix was approached with the hypnotizing live jam “Take Me Back”, the Cynic label head immediately wanted to complement it with a second piece. This sparked a series of studio sessions between him and George and birthed “To La Luna”, the B side of the release and our exclusive video premiere today.

Brooding chords and tough drums open up this ominous composition while a chemical reaction begins to unfold. As the track progresses we’re introduced to a perfectly contrasting and almost sweet synth melody, all the while appropriately honing in on the visual molecular frolicking. A transition to a hard-hitting bassline brings with it a sinister mood and a change in the imagery again, the substance now pulsing and throbbing accordingly. George Levings and Felix Dickinson provide a tasty aural journey while the slick editing of Daisy Dickinson provides the impeccable visual stimulation.