PREMIERE : Textasy – I’m The Needle [Craigie Knowes]

textasy - i'm the needle - craigie knowes
Festivus season is upon us (Seinfeld fans, you know what we’re talking about) and it seems like good tunes are snowing here at Bolting Bits HQ. The Glasgow crew behind Craigie Knowes is at full speed these last few months. Releasing excellent music consistently since their start in 2016, the Scottish label are planning to postpone your end-of-the-year-parties until mid-January with this new release.

Meet Textasy (soundcloud), a mysterious producer with two EPs out already, pleasing dance music snobs this year with a certain taste for syncopated drum patterns, he is the man of the hour with this solo EP. Following the path established by previous releases on Craigie Knowes, Textasy creates hybrids consisting of experimentations with 90’s rave culture and Detroit electro codes.
Starting with A1, he mixes rhythms straight out of Motor City, a pairing bassline and an angelic choir coming from what must be an old digital synthesizer. Throughout the track a deep voice repeats a psalm you can only agree to: bass and techno.

A2, aptly named Blow Your Head, is the lovechild of an old floppy disk (you know, those containing samples that were circulating in the nineties) and a subwoofer. Oscillating between a 303 bassline, pulsating pads, incomprehensible vocal samples modulated to the max and UK signature sound effects, the track tries to go everywhere and, surprisingly, it works. Let’s not forget the breakbeats loop supporting the electro rhythms. An explosive way to end the first half of the release. Flip to the other side and you will be welcomed by Eternal Gun, a fast piece of what starts like a jungle inspired tune, switches to a UK Hardcore piano track with a slamming beat and then makes a cocktail out of those two portions for the rest of the track. Pure speed.

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Last but not least, the track waiting at the end is the one we are pleased to premiere today. I’m The Needle takes a bit of the pressure left by the previous track off and offers us what is probably the most effective tune out of the bunch. Reminding you to put the needle on the record over a jungle break, the track then exhibits classic rave piano chords, the most famous (and satisfying) sample of all dance music history and an arpeggiating bassline. You will find the same weight in the kick and subs, the same electro-ish pattern hiding in there than in the rest of the record. With many of the same qualities it has the advantage of being a bit simpler, making the track more efficient and self-empowered.

You know where we’re going with this. This EP is a no-brainer and should be preordered right now.