Tee Mango – Cityspell [Delusions of Grandeur]

Tee Mango joins the Delusions of Grandeur fold for his first full EP release. He is someone who has always carved his own path with attention to detail and aesthetics seemingly as important as the music, Tom has been a good example of how to make the DIY approach work for yourself since his first vinyl output back in 2012. Millionhands and Millionhands Black have seen the majority of his original material and edits but we’ve also seen him appearing on Royal Oak, Aus and Local Talk and future output planned for Permanent Vacation and his own new label SUPERUNKNOWN.

Opening track and our premiere today, Cityspell, goes for the jugular with a pulsing 16th-note bassline sitting centre stage while huge washes of deep pads layer up around it. Sirens and horn stabs join the scene adding increasing energy, making this one of those tracks that nails the balance between hypnotic deepness and hyped up intensity perfectly for the dancefloor. Flipping over we have Do U Luv Me? which kicks off with a simple one-note Moog bassline and syndrum white noise snares before some crazy, off-kilter cross-rhythm synth stabs join the party; cue heads running to the booth asking wtf?! Just the kind of wonky, outerspace sh*t that we’ve come to love and expect from masters such as Maurice Fulton or Recloose.

Finally Tee Mango closes off with another absolutely killer cut featuring live-sounding drums calling ‘Paperclip People’s Throw’ to mind with those rasping open hi hats and rolling two beat bassline. A tripped-out female vocal sample and extra acid-esque synth line add to the frenetic atmosphere but melodic arpeggiating chimes ensure things remain deep and musical. A really strong three tracker we’re sure you’ll agree. Pre-order here.