Tal Fussman – Gyal [Drumpoet Community]

Tal Fussman is an outstanding young artist worth keeping an eye on. His productions are at the forefront of innovation, breathing new life into the electronic dance scene. His releases on renowned labels like Innervisions and his own Survival Tactics label among others affirm that his sound is a pioneering fresh blueprint for the Techno/House world.

In his Focus EP for Drumpoet, Tal showcases his versatility across a diverse spectrum. The track “It’s Alright” serves as a futuristic house anthem, while the title track “Focus” champions the break-beat influenced side of the spectrum. The EP reaches its peak with the tribal and dance-floor-driven tracks “Don’t Want To” and “Into the Chamber,” ultimately delving into the emotive and experimental soundscapes of “Goal” and “Will Fade“.

To sum it up, we are super excited here at the Drumpoet HQ to present you this unique and truly essentiell release, as Tal delivered what we are looking for, truly honest dance-music with a twist of futurism!”

Words: Alex Dallas

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